2019 Community-Oriented Defender (COD) Network Conference 
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Mary Brown-Bey

Baltimore MD
Mary Brown-Bey is founder/speaker/facilitator of Lazarus Rite, which has a returning citizen component. She is an advocate for juvenile justice, alternatives to violence, reentry, justice policy proponents, and returning citizens. She has served the community for more than 10 years as a volunteer facilitator, mentor, trainer, case manager, and collaborator for issues affecting adults and youth offenders in urban areas. Mary partners with various agencies and organizations to develop video documentaries on positive approaches to address pro social behavior and transition from institutional to community living. She has appeared in documentaries, including Baltimore City Young Educated Sisters (YES); she has testified before the Maryland Judiciary Committee and the Legislative Commission on Sentence Change; and she has spoken at colleges and universities. She was imprisoned at the age of 15 for 32 years, but her life demonstrates her commitment to giving a voice to the men and women still behind bars. She has continued to partner with community and legislative organizations.